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Moving at the Speed of Work and Play

Dolls and Blocks and Dress Up Closets and Action Figures are for play. Desks and Pens and Books and Paper are for work. Sitting at a desk...

The Peace of 1815

If you are a student educated in the United States, it is impossible not to be triggered by the phrase, “the War of 1812”. Yes, of...

Coaching our Way Through History Class

Whoever said that coaches of sports teams would make excellent history teachers? I am unclear how this ever became a thing, but in...

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Jason is flexible and attentive, yet remains committed to his high expectations of my work in tackling tough situations and tasks.  With a sense of humor and compassion for the rigor of a leadership position, he knows how to guide me with just the right amount of productive stress.  I appreciate that.

Daphne Orenshein - Elementary School Principal: Hillel Hebrew Academy