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Re-visioning Schools

Attempting to rethink from the inside can be tough.  By partnering together we can solve issues that need addressing throughout the school culture.  We can also plan to pull up the base boards and re-imagine a school, pivoting toward a new vision in order to serve its students at the highest level.

What all of this takes is courage, commitment and the focus necessary to believe your school is destined for even greater things.

Through a truly iterative process, we will design, question, and challenge old norms and social contracts and most importantly, execute a plan to bring about positive change.

Leadership and Mentoring

Everyone needs support and everyone needs guidance.  Today's school leadership positions are too complex to go it alone.  We will spend the time your leadership needs, either as individuals or as a group, engaging in decision making practices that make a difference.

My own experiences have taught me that in the vacuum of the school environment clarity is hard to come by.  With an experienced and nationally certified coach and mentor in place, your school leadership, and therefore your entire school, will thrive.

Playing Fair

Gender and Our Schools

Schools are complex, biological ecosystems where  much of what we teach and students learn is based on cultural assumptions and standards.

Let me take your school community on a two day exploration of gender and how it impacts the lives and future of your students.  All constituents of the school community are engaged in this two day workshop seminar.

Teachers and school leaders learn about the micro confirmations that "genderize" the classroom for most students and what they can do to make schools a safe and fair place for both boys and girls.

Parents will learn how to partner with schools to support efforts at gender equity in and outside the classroom.

Jason was my first mentor as I was setting out on my career in education, and his support and insight have been guiding me ever since. 

David Stein - Co-founder and Instructional Trainer: LAHAV

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