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I'm going to make this simple.  Currently, no one has access to what is sent via this website other than myself.  No one.  When you send me a story about your school, about your experiences as a school leader, or as a parent of children seeking support and engagement, I am the only one who reads it, and I will be the only one who responds.

If that changes, I will make my visitors aware of it immediately.  Visitors should know with whom they are talking and who is going to get back to them.

This is also true if you decide to write a blog entry for Educating Gender associated with this website.  I will read your proposed post and I will also respond, in 48 hours.

I am currently looking for an intern or two to work with me.  Part of her or his work will never consist of reading or responding to emails for Ablin Educational Services or Educating Gender.  A big part of what I am trying to do is create connections and build relationships.  Everyone who comes here needs to feel as if they can be as honest as possible and as vulnerable as they need to be.  My promise is to open my ears, my mind, and heart when you reach out.

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