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This website serves several purposes. I want people who visit to see it as the beginning of a conversation.  Because I work primarily with schools and we are discussing children, the site attempts to be as non - judgmental about what schools should be and more concerned with listening and connecting.  The information provided is just for visitors to get to know a little bit about me and become a vehicle to begin a bigger conversation about working together.

I also hope the website is a place which makes fairly clear what I do not do.  I will never engage people in false conversations about my capabilities in order to acquire your business.  I know what I do well and try to stay focused on that.

Finally, it is a place to discuss ideas.  My blog on gender and education, Educating Gender is just one avenue.  I want that space to be carefully curated and regarded with the highest level of respect and dignity so everyone feels safe and positive about participating.

Please feel free to leave me any thoughts or impressions about the website or schools or yourself!  I'm open to connecting.

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